Music Review: Sam Roberts Band Chemical City

25 10 2006

Pleasant weather is a drug and it works almost immediately. This time around it has pleasantly affected the music review of this one album called The Chemical City. After a really long time I’ve been influenced by an album so much that it has made me sit down and picture stuff, such as, knee high beautiful yellow grass, mountains and nice breezy weather. Yeah, I pretty much tend to get into the Alice in Wonderland mode sometimes (I almost typed Wonderwall instead of Wonderland). The only difference is that my imagination is less perverted than her.

Back to the topic, Sam Robert band’s third album, Chemical City, has the effect of a great coffee on a rainy day. With A Bullet, my favourite song from this album, is a song for people who like to dream, not just because of it’s romantic wordings that tend to stay in the air for a while (You move like the moonshine/ Straight to my head/This is a storyline we write from the same bed) but because of the painfully beautiful music as well. The song does get a little cheesy at times (If you were marked with a bullet/ I’d jump in front of it/ I’d rather die for love than die for the want of it) but who cares? Hey, it sounds good, doesn’t it? Mystified, Heavy has a soft, mellow and melodious tune and that is what makes this song worth listening to, over and over again. Put the record on, lay back and relax. Umm don’t wander away just yet; the guitar tempo scales up a little in Bride to Nowhere. Full tempo is reached when you play The Gate, one of the most raved about songs of the album. Mind Flood has this psychedelic quality to it.

This album may not be wall of fame material but it definitely is worth a listen!

Rating: *****




One response

28 10 2006

Its glad to see someone other then me is really enthusiastic about this album. I loved the way you disected the album. Its nice to see that someone listens to the lyrics as well as the tempo.

As for me “Bridge to Nowhere” and “And a Stone Would Cry Out” are two songs that really ….well lets just say make me sit down and picture stuff.

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