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17 12 2006

My Playlist

Laidbackness says:

Okay, so it had indeed been a long time since the last post (see: The Arctic Monkeys doing covers by Pradster). I honestly wanted to wait a while (or at least have an article about some other band) before posting another Arctic Monkeys article right after the first one about them. But then I thought, “what the deuce”, I’ll do it anyway! We have the usual excuses – work, studies, blah, and blah. Seriously, I would rather have my time and listen to stuff and write about it than do anything that falls a degree below all that on my scale of “Laidbackness like-o-meter”. On second thought, that was an awful name for a scale.

Anyway, so what have I been listening to lately? Umm, Indie/underground of course! The songs have been listed below (in case you are interested). These aren’t brand new tracks but in my opinion the best thing about underground songs is that no matter how long it has been after their release, they always remain fresh. Maybe, that is because most sloppy RJs (who play a song over and over again, until they kill it, grr…) probably never find out about these songs. Good thing. The last thing you want to hear on radio is some junkie toggling between pop and indie. Yes, that happens. At least here in India. That totally kills it. Okay, enough of the rant. Here’s my play list:

1. Heady Like a Kite – Noisy At the Circus

2. OK Go – Here We Go

3. Modest Mouse – Float On (one of the more popular ones, really)

4. My Vitriol – Always Your Way

5. Appleseed cast – Fishing the Sky

6. Arcade Fire – Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out)

7. Arctic Monkeys, The – All You People Are Vampires

8. PJ Harvey – Good Fortune

9. The Shins – Kissing The Lipless (will review this song later. This song deserves it.)

10. The Subways – Oh Yeah (Laidbackness recommends)

11. Mojave 3 – Breaking The Ice

12. Sonic Youth – Incinerate

13. Be Your Own Pet- October, First Account

14. Nine Black Alps Unsatisfied

15. 22-20’s – Shoot Your Gun (Laidbackness recommends)

That is it for now. I would love to know what you think about the songs (in case you get a chance to listen to any of the songs mentioned above)!

Megha needs to go now and find nice trousers to go with black jacket.

Laters 🙂




2 responses

31 12 2006

save tonight by eec and 3 doors down’s kyryptonite happen to be my all time fav … nice taste u hv …

31 12 2006

Thank you 🙂

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