Why Did Stewie Griffin Want Out?

20 10 2007

I am kind of back but not with stuff about indie or alternative music. Last weekend I took some funny pics of Stewie with my watch strapped around his neck. So I thought I’d post them on here.

Sorry for being ‘slightly’ off-topic 🙂

Stewie head final



Stewie Griffin — dressed in nothing but his undies — once stood atop rock and roll. He thought he was above all that “imbecility”. Yeah, he’s the one who once called ‘The Strokes’ -> The Streaks. Exactly who did he think he was?



Stewie felt all conceited and smug after having trampled upon the names of some of the most musical narco freaks and ugly nymphs of the world.

(I think a ciggie sticking out of his mouth would have consummated the scene.)



His blasphemous attitude towards music had to be punished. E.A.H.U. (Emokids and Headbangers United) made sure that the right punishment was delivered to him. All it took was one swift spank to topple the arrogant bastard from his high perch.


Stewie Griffin is dead

Poor frail Stewie could not survive the impact. Afterall he is just a baby. The deadly spank resulted in a D-E-D Dead Stewie. (Robinhood: Men in Tights style)


stewie5.jpg stewie6.jpg stewie7.jpg

However, E.A.H.U. must have been too busy snorting cocaine and shagging dirty cats to realise that Stewie is afterall a genius whose monstrosity knows no bounds. While everyone thought that Stewie’s dead body must have decayed in the odour of city sewage — the rodent cemetary where he was thrown — the oblong headed monster found his way out of an outlet far far away from the city.


stewies big escape

Hiding from emo kids and head bangers Stewie lurked around in the dark for three years in search of a secret operations headquarter.


stewie new life stewiw new life

And today, while the kids and bangers are complacent and confident that they’ve bumped off the biggest enemy of rock in general, guess who’s been stealthily supporting hip hop?


(Thanks to GG for the Stewie Doll 🙂 )




4 responses

20 10 2007
Gullible Gora

I’m just glad to see that Stewie has been entrusted into safe hands.

26 09 2010

Genius Megha. Your random thoughts made me laugh out loud!…… diggity, diggity, diggity.

26 09 2010

(Alice by the way)

26 09 2010

Hello Ally! Oh god this was a long time ago! Obviously I had a lot of time on my hands.

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