Currently roughin’ it…

5 01 2008

I’m currently away from home…roughing it in some random place somewhere in India with roid raged Andy. At the time of writing this blog, our team, Stevie Wonder’s Driving School, has travelled about 1500 kms, covering three states in 5 days in a ridiculously breakdown-prone mode of transport known as auto-rickshaw. Had loads of fun getting a little more than slightly drunk on the New Year’s eve, crashing into the team parked right in front of us on the start date, ramming our auto-rickshaw into a pole, overtaking gigantic trucks on national highway, going on two-wheels downhill, handling breakdowns, giving random village people free rides in our auto-rickshaw…

Current location: Tuni, Andhra Pradesh




4 responses

10 01 2008

yay!! best of luck, hope you are having fun

10 01 2008


15 01 2008
Wayne Clarke

Well done on completing the Rickshaw Run!

Love to Andy, who is my brother-in-law. I’m married to Andy’s big sister, Val.

Wayne, Liverpool, UK.

18 01 2008
Anjali Nim


Congratulations on completing such a long journey in five days!…You are having some fun:-)

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