Team Stevie Wonder made it to Kathmandu in 15 days! Alive!

20 01 2008

Andy and I (Stevie Wonder Driving School) made it to Kathmandu in 15 days time and we are so damn pleased with ourselves!

There’s loads to tell but the highlight of the entire run was this amazingly bad crash we had on the 11th day — I drove into the back of a parked lorry at 45 kmph! Our rick was absolutely twisted and mangled. I thought GAME OVER!

Luckily, Andy was just about as courageous as a drunken half wit. He got into the driver’s seat of that crumpled rickshaw and drove it 15 kms to a repair shop. We got it hammered back into shape but lost a day. No major injuries. A tiny cut on my forehead. Two scabs on Andy’s head.

At the end of the run, the crash earned our team the Biggest Fool Award. We were the unanimous choice. Not sure if that achievement can go on our CVs.

We probably figured out the best route to Kathmando, having travelled the shortest distance — 3800 kms. Funnily still, our rickshaw is the most battered of all, thanks to the crash.

Rickshaw Run Finish Line

The finish line, Rum Doodle bar, Thamel, Kathmandu

On the pic is our badly bruised and knackered rick. Using a swiss army knife, I skillfully cut a hole through the canvas of the auto-rickshaw to create a much-needed sun roof!

So that’s that. More pics soon.

Great new years party, absolutely mental finish party, met lots of new people and I am feeling exhilarated. Real life is *yawn*.




2 responses

20 01 2008

What she fails to mention is that 5 minutes after cutting a hole in our canvas roof she felt cold and tried to seal it up with tape.

28 03 2009

Great … inspiring … thanks for sending me the link and enlightening me… it must have been a great adventure!!! Keep up the spirit.

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