REEVE CARNEY live at The Roxy 2/6/08

3 02 2008

When it’s all sci-fi, red pill, blue pill, things fail to amuse as frequently as they used to back in the days, unless we’re talking Nicolas Sarkozy and the “man-eater” OR music.

A case in point: the prolific and may I say extremely handsome Reeve Carney. The first time I heard Carney, the visual disconnect in terms of what I expected and what I received was just amazing. I mean, at the risk of stereotyping let me say this, I generally don’t expect quality, deep stuff from good-looking people. In a way that’s a bit unfair too. They have the best of both the worlds. Think male of the species of Norah Jones. I’ll reword it better when I’m slightly more awake, but you get the idea.

And he’ll be playing at The Roxy, CA this coming Wednesday, February 6. Don’t miss him, if you’re in or around that area. I really do hope he plays Forget about You.


Steven Harlow Productions and the Roxy Theatre Present

CARNEY with Blackcowboy, Lukas Haas, and Biirdie

Reeve Carney, live at the Roxy     The Roxy

    9009 West Sunset Blvd

    West Hollywood, CA

    8:00pm – $10 – all ages!!





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