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13 09 2009

Auckland from Devonport

What’s the haps, kids? Oh no, that so doesn’t sound like me. Perhaps if I said it enough times?

Soo I’ve been away from my blog for ages but if I tell you what I’ve been up to, you might possibly die of envy. I’ve been in New Zealand for about seven months, studying to be a proper “hack” and doing all sorts of odd jobs — from waitressing at a feral diner in north Auckland to acting as a blood-thirsty Roman for a Gladiator-style US television drama.

With such a luxe life, blogging obviously had to take a backseat. So right now I’m going to resist the urge to indulge in some defensive, self-deprecating humour, and get straight on to what’s been happening on the music end.

One of my fave jobs here so far has been writing for a student mag (no, not at the university I attend).  What a defector!

Every fortnight, I profiled a Kiwi music band, wrote a feature and a wee coloumn called newsbot — a news roundup from the perspective of a self-obsessed, obnoxious robot .

I wrote a few music reviews as well, some alright and some worse than doped-out Sonic Youth at a concentration camp in Somalia.

Even though it was hard to balance all that with my intense journo course, I really enjoyed it as it gave me a chance to meet some very cool people.

I will soon be posting some of my work here, so I have something to show for my AWOLness.

In other news, I’m currently interning at Yahoo! Xtra. I’ve never interned before so this is awesome and slightly nerve wrecking.

In fact I was so nervous the night before it started, I could hardly get any sleep. Weird, cos I managed to sleep perfectly okay before I flew out to NZ in Feb. But I soon realised I had no reason to be so anxious. Companies love interns!

Everyone at Yahoo has been so nice to me, that as a sign of appreciation I even did what every intern worth her salt would do — I offered to make coffee! But everyone was way too nice to accept that.

I’ve got another week there and I’m so not looking forward to it ending. So far they’ve given me two new albums to review — Dimmer’s Degree of Existence and Tahuna Breaks’ Black, Brown and White. Appararently Tahuna Breaks are currently topping iTunes New Zealand chart. AND I’m interviewing them tomorrow. So excited!

Aaah I’m so going to have another sleepless night!




One response

30 09 2009

Wow, New Zealand? Sounds really exciting! I often think about leaving this place, but as it is money is very tight, so I won’t be going anywhere for some time. Anyway, it sounds like you’ve been having a good time.

So, you’ll be interviewing Tahuna Breaks? That’s cool. Do you meet and interview a lot of bands? I’ve been around a lot of bands for almost a year now since I started doing this security thing, but I don’t get to interact with them. (Hopefully that changes this Saturday with Ladyhawke.)

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