Concord Dawn

1 10 2009


Concord Dawn are a formidable drum and bass band from New Zealand. At its core is New Zealander Matt Harvey (aka Matty C) who is now based in Vienna. When the band first formed in1999, it consisted of another member Evan Short (aka Kiljoy).

Around that time they were massively influenced by a relatively new genre of music called jungle, which led them to experiment with it and churn out some of their own tunes. They later went to an audio engineering school together where they worked on newer, more sophisticated tunes.

The duo played the underground music scene for awhile, featuring heavily on student radio stations all across New Zealand.

However it was not until 2000 that they were signed to local electronic music label Kog Transmission. In July that year they came out with their first album titled Concord Dawn. The album, which was followed by a New Zealand-wide tour, was a huge success, with drum and bass lovers embracing it wholeheartedly.

Concord Dawn haven’t looked back since then. Soon after the tour they released their second album named Disturbance which lived up to the quintessential high octane electronic sound that Concord Dawn had come to being associated with.

Disturbance won the Best Electronic Album and Best Independent Release at the 2001 bNet Music Awards.
After a brief sabbatical, the duo returned with their third album Uprising in September 2003, which raked in accolades from not just the local fan base but also international audience. This saw them get signed to UK-based electronica labels and booked for their first overseas gig.

Their fourth album Chaos by Design was released in 2005 and keeping up with its predecessors, it kept the heavy praise coming in. Concord Dawn won several nominations, including Best International Act at the 2009 UK Drum and Bass Awards.

Concord Dawn are also known for their energetic live performances. In New Zealand, they have played every major gig including Big Day Out. They have also played extensively in Asia, America US, Europe and Canada and Australia.

How old are you guys and how did you meet?
Matt: I’m 31. Me and Evan met at intermediate school. But he’s retired now as he is an old fart.

What are you doing in Vienna?
Today I have been working on a tune with a friend from Prague who came over on the train and will stay for a few days. Will do that the next few days, then finish up a tune I made with Trei from Wellington when he was here. Then I’m off to Porto, then another week in the studio before I do a tour of America on the way to New Zealand. So busy, busy. And it’s stinking hot at the moment.

Any plans of returning to New Zealand for good?
Sure, maybe in five years or so.

Bands or other kinds of music that inspire Concord Dawn?
Cave In, Openhand, Ken Andrews. Stuff like that I guess.

Your favourite gig venue (as in a country or a city)?
Pirate Station gigs in Russia are always rather mental – lots of pyrotechnics and naked dancing girls (true).

How did you come up with the name Concord Dawn?
It’s an anagram of “can crowd nod”.

Umm interesting. So what influences your music the most?
Advances in technology.

Your 2006 album Chaos by Design was an epic success. What plans do you have for the next one?
The same again, only with more analogue. Synths seems to be the way its heading.

Do you feel the pressure to live up to the expectation?
Not so much. New Zealand expects something different from Europe, I guess, in terms of the sound. I’m sure I’ll make some of the people happy some of the time.

What is the latest music on your iPod?
Nothing for a long time. Probably the last thing would be Telefon Tel Aviv.

A band you can’t wait to collaborate with?
Mmm I dunno really. Billy Corgan on the vocals would be great, as long as Tila Tequila waited outside.

The world would have been a better place without these three bands….
Any band with “the” in the title, whose shtick revolves around a particular style of trousers.

You will be playing Unitec’s orientation gig in July. Do you have any special plans or a special line-up of tunes?
I never really plan sets out to be honest. My match fitness will be up after the pre-season in the states though.

This interview first appeared here 20 July, 2009.




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