Have I mentioned I love the XX?

7 02 2010

I love the XX. It’s no secret that I’ve been in awe of the XX for a while. No surprise then that I was gutted beyond gutted when I missed their Auckland gig early his month.  Surely if there’s any band that can compensate for whatever Florence Welch can come up with, it has to be the XX. The way they do it, it’s quite impressive really.

Afterall every now and again everyone needs a little break from the overbearing smugness and frankly, tedium, of Florence’s extreme note-producing abilities. Also I don’t see why breaking into an epileptic fit every 16 seconds is absolutely necessary. Why does she do it?

Granted You’ve Got the Love is an awesome tune on its own but somehow the understated, disinterested elegance of the XX just makes it that much more brilliant. Another song by them that I quite like is Islands. I’m going to be a little bold and even say that it might probably be the most subtle romantic song ever. Ever.

However, the one song I just can’t stop listening to at the moment is:




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