Out my comfort zone with Sola Rosa

25 02 2010

Sola Rosa, Get it Together review

Spanning many musical bridges is what core member of Sola Rosa Andrew Spraggon has been doing since his last offering three and a half years ago.

And it would be fair to say that in transforming from a one-man-and-a-laptop band to a powerful live act, he has come a long way. The bunch of accolades he has won during this journey only cements this rather extraordinary accomplishment.

His latest album Get It Together is reassuring proof of Spraggon’s musical genius, as he beautifully combines dub and soul with other genres to weave a foggy web of 11 tracks.

Get It Together is in true essence the crystallisation of his understanding of music from around the world, combined with a desire to experiment with new musical styles.

The album sees staple band members, Will Scott on the drums, Ben White on the guitar and Matt Short on bass, blending their talents with musical aptitudes of Scratch 22, Spikey Tee, Serocee and Iva Lamkum, who lends voice to the second track and pretty much the highlight of the album, Turn Around.

The opening track Ace of Space is exactly what its title suggests – a soundscape for various musical instruments to come out and play tricks on the listeners, as the resulting melody takes them though a mysterious aural journey.

My favourite though is the curiously-titled Bond is Back. As I push play I wonder if it will bring lush images of Daniel Craig to my mind and it does indeed. My imagination goes for a cinematic holiday as I start getting martini withdrawals.

Del Ray hangs on to the quintessential Sola Rosa sound. Though I dread going out and walking back home along the rain-washed streets, the tropical, sun-soaked melody seems to seep in, making me feel all warm and nice.

And even as I step out of my comfort zone and review dub for the first time, I am finding the spoilt indie-kid in me asking for more.

This review first appeared here in May 2009.




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