The Cribs at the Juice Bar

25 02 2010

After dazzling Melbourne, the UK’s biggest cult band The Cribs are all set to electrify Auckland and Wellington with their relentless riffs this weekend. Since releasing their fourth album Ignore the Ignorant late last year the band has already blitzkrieged the live performance scene all the way from the US to Australia.

The 4-piece band – formed by twins Gary and Ryan Jarman and their younger brother Ross Jarman – is known for their deeply engaging lyrics intertwined with catchy indie-isque tunes. The newest member, former Smiths’ guitarist Johnny Marr, has done little to prevent their unpredictable act from becoming even more volatile.

The intimate gig venues make the Cribs a compelling show for all Brit rock fans.

And whether or not Marr wields his recently recovered guitar is still a mystery.

This gig preview first appeared here: Yahoo!Xtra Music

Gig review coming soon 😀


Update (Feb 30): Aah. I’m. So. Lazy. Just know that it was awesome and if it wasn’t for my date that night, I so totally would have scored an interview with Johnny Marr. He was awesome and menacing at the same time. The Cribs are sooo good live!




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