Pulp Comedy hits the spot

29 04 2010

Heaps of swearing, Hamilton-bashing plus a faux brick wall for effects: Pulp Comedy Live at the Powerstation had all the boxes ticked to get the crowd applauding hard enough to cause blisters.

Ten distressingly funny Kiwi stand-up comedians and their intensely high joke-per-minute ratio had the audience laughing all the way through.

Our MC for the night, Rock co-Breakfast host Paul Ego, wasted no time finding a target to pick on – an 18-year-old guy in the front seat, who’d naively put his hand up when asked if there were any single people in the house.

Ego went into great detail to explain to him why he’ll never be as good as teen sensation Justin Bieber. The poor guy had the mickey taken out of him all night, but he took it amazingly well. I have to say I felt very safe tucked away in my dark little press corner.

The first act of the night was Jesse Mulligan, who co-hosts the breakfast show on More FM. His observational comedy and suave delivery had the crowd all warmed up in no time.

Having recently returned from his OE in London, he appeared quite protective of his token Kiwi status in foreign land. After all, the last thing you want is another Kiwi to show up in jandals and “suddenly there’s one more person in the room who knows you’re not speaking Maori.”

The next one up was a very wiry Mark Scott, with his mad, nerdy humour. To be honest I found the first half of his act a bit outdated and a little bit unoriginal. After all how many times have you heard jokes about rappers and their bitches?

Things significantly improved in the second half as he whipped out his guitar and sang a few love songs. When I say love songs, what I mean is disturbingly unromantic songs which no one should sing for anyone. For instance, “You’re just the perfect, right amount of hairy.”

Michele A’Court, also known as the Mother of NZ comedy, built an instant rapport with the audience, as she reflected on mid-life crisis and “surprise pee”. Back on stage after ages, she said it was because of an accident 17 years ago. An accident, did you say? Yeah well, she had a baby.

Easily the most shocking performance of the night was delivered by Justin ‘Gish’ Hansen. With a wildly blue jester hat on he was absolutely outstanding.

If his appearance was crazy, his humour was outrageous – everything that came out of his mouth was utterly twisted. My cheeks were hurting by the time he started singing Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat it’ in bro-accent. It was like Krusty the Clown meets ‘Boy’.

Ben Hurley, who came on after Gish, quickly resorted to finding fault with the New Zealand national slogan – Aotearoa, the Land of the Long White Cloud. “It sounds like we’re trying to say we’re a little bit overcast.”

His suggestion? “NEW ZEALAND! Settle down, mate!”

Hurley makes stand-up look like such an easy, relaxed business – almost as easy as spinning a yarn with a mate out on the front deck.

Other memorable acts that night were Brendhan Lovegrove, Jeremy Corbett and Paul Yates.

The show lasted 180 minutes but there was hardly a dull moment.

If you’re older than Justin Bieber, I highly recommend Pulp Comedy live.

This review first appeared here: Yahoo!Xtra Entertainment




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