Drop Nineteen’s – Delaware

16 04 2012

1.25. Ear orgasm.


Ride – From Time to Time

15 04 2012

Not as obscure as they were once.

Who’s that boy with the vacant stare…

12 04 2012

Some epic twee tunage from the 80s. Does anyone else think it’s a bit Velvet Underground-y post the 1.20 mark?

The Electric Guest – This Head I Hold

12 04 2012

This song was on the radio as I drew the curtains in the morning. It has turned out to be an excellent day.

Crystal Stilts – Departure

6 04 2012

Dancing whilst contemplating anarchy.

Mac DeMarco – Rock and Roll Night Club

18 03 2012

What a weird, mysterious little song. I like it.

The Charlatans UK – Come In Number 21

18 03 2012

It’s raining and I’ve got nothing else to do so I’m revisiting some old favourites today. Had to start with the Charlatans.